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Rec Tec vs Traeger: The Battle of the Top Pellet Grills

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Also commonly known as pellet smokers, pellet grills are heaven-sent for all BBQ lovers because they combine convenience, temperature control, and smoky flavor. Simply put, pellet grills combine gas grills, traditional ovens, and charcoal smokers features in one product.

Some pellet smokers feature electric temperature control panels that regulate airflow and feed fuel to the fire, which leads to even cooking temperature. Some models even have high-precision temp control and sensors.

Today we want to look at the two leading brands in this industry in our Rec Tec vs Traeger review.

Establishment of Rec Tec and Traeger

Rec Tec was founded in 2011 and has been transforming the grilling industry with the provision of high-quality products.

On the flip side, Traeger was developed in 1985 and has always been the most famous brand for these grills. It provides both small and big smokers to fit all kind of budgets.

Comparing Rec Tec and Traeger

The two brands have similar and differing features as you will see below:

Custom Features

When looking at the comparison of the two brands, you should always note that Traeger provides what it really advertise (what you see). Many brands make essentials that work perfectly with Traeger BBQ but this company also makes best wood pellet grill, grills, and other items.

Rec Tec makes different items and embellishments that you can add to your grill. The firm even produces stockpiling racks for appending the base of your BBQ.

Temperature Control

Traeger was among the first brands to add a digital temperature screen on grills. The screen uses splendid and strong red numbers that you can easily see when cooking in the dark. Its products also come with a standard temperature dial.

Rec Tec also adds its unique temperature display screen. It also includes its patented smart grill tech highlight that gives you the freedom of choosing a specific temperature.

Temperature Range

Rec Tec provides pellet grills with a variable temperature that ranges from 180-500 degree Fahrenheit.

Traeger pellet grills often come with a temperature setting of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grilling Surface

The most bulbous Rec Tec pellet grills have a huge surface of over 700 square which is enough for cooking. However, they are usually less spacious when compared to Traeger models.

Traeger grills are so big such that they can cook 6 turkeys at a go or up to 30 burgers at once.


Rec Tec produces a little BBQ with easy to collapse legs, making it a great model for use in parking areas or campgrounds. They also have trucks that you can use to secure them.

On the other hand, Traeger grills come with comparative trucks. But what really differentiate Traeger models from Rec Tec is that you can remove the trucks and lay your BBQ on any surface.

Who Wins?

Picking a winner of Rec Tec vs Traeger debate can be a tall order because both brands make great BBQs. Generally, Traeger models are often the best but Rec Tec provides pellet grills with smart grill technology.

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