Snow Days in Atlanta!

If you have watched national news, Jay Leno or followed SPP on Facebook, you know it has been a wild couple days in Atlanta! Tuesday afternoon brought a couple inches of snow and our city was not prepared. As the flurries started, schools dismissed early, parents left work and the entire city hit the unsalted, snowy streets at the same time. As you can imagine, ice and EXTREME traffic do not pair well together! Thousands of children slept at school, students were stranded on buses and the interstates were completely full for hours and hours and HOURS! My sweet hubbie left work at 5pm and made it home at 1am. His 20 minute commute took 8 hours! We learned of others being stranded for 12, 18, even 24 hours! Pretty crazy! Once safe and sound, we took full advantage of our rare snow day and had lots of fun!

I hoped to bring a little a warmth to the blog this week with the girls’ mermaid party, but snow days have changed those plans. Please check in next week as I share some of the photos and all the details from their sweet day!!