I use to love roller skating! As I worked on this project, I was wishing I would have had a roller skating party once upon a time. Then I remembered, I did!! It was my 25th birthday! What’s even more ironic is that we drove FOREVER to get to this rink “up in the suburbs”. That same rink is where this party is being held and 5 years later, it’s now 5 minutes from our house. Who knew?! The only thing that was missing from my party were these fun invitations and cupcake toppers…

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How great are these noteblocks? I just love how polka dot ribbon makes everything cuter! I also have to give credit to my dad for making the perfect wooden holders. Thanks Dad! :)

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One of my sweet, sweet former classroom moms contacted me to make some fun enclosure cards and jazzy stickers as stocking stuffers. She informed me that purple is the “in” color right now so I hope Kristen and Katie like these fun designs…

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Baby blue is nowhere to be seen in our house, but a recent order allowed me to finally search the paper aisle for something other than pink! The choices are far slimmer (why is that?), but I did find a paisley that I loved along with some polka dots and argyles to coordinate my brown and blue theme.

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> I created a few more gift tags and also made a batch as stickers. I just love anything with an initial or monogram, so I think these are my favorite so far.

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>Pretty Presents

I admit that I am a girly girl and I like things to be pretty… even my presents! :) My friend Lauren first inspired me to make my presents pretty when she taught me how to make great bows for my packages. Once you know how to tie a pretty ribbon, there is no turning back. Well the same thing goes for gift cards. Gift cards are great. The only thing that I dislike is feeling that it doesn’t look like I put much time into your present. For a recent wedding gift, I wanted to give their gift card a little glam. With a bit of effort and personalization, gift cards can be pretty presents too!

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This past Friday, I was a part of the Lakeshore Holiday Market in Windward. Thank you Sarah for hosting the fair in your gorgeous home! (I think I spent half the day admiring her house and beautiful decorations!!!) I also held my first “Gift Tag Giveaway” as a fun extra and am excited to share that Katrin Nelson is the winner! Katrin, please send me your mailing address and I will put your free tags in the mail! :)

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My sister-in-law told me that all she wanted for Christmas was for me to make her some package tags and enclosure cards. Well, she is definitely getting more than tags for Christmas, but here is a preview of just one. Lots more to come. Beth, don’t peak! ;)

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