On the 12th Day of Christmas….

>….my true love gave to me…Once upon a time, we actually wrote to each other with a pen and paper. Now, our hands start to cramp when we address our holiday cards! This Christmas, let’s take some time, thought and energy to write a special letter. Tell your BFF the top 10 things you enjoy about her. Share with your husband how much you respect him and appreciate his hard work. Write a letter to your children about who they are this Christmas and who you desire them to become. I LOVE letters and special notes, and I’m sure there are plenty of those around us who could use some encouraging words this season. With all our blogging and emailing, we need to take a little time to let our love and handwriting be known!! :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I hope you have enjoyed the last 12 Days! I’ll be taking a bit of a blogging vacation over the next few weeks. I’ll be in and out, but mostly finishing your orders, my own shopping and spending time with my 3 best girls! Enjoy His season!! Love, Tracy :)