{NEW} Lemonade Stand Collection

Anyone else holding tight to the last days of summer? I always get a little sad when it comes to an end and the long days shorten. I also really, REALLY love summer!! I recently revised the Ice Cream Parlor Collection for the sweetest owner, Krista of Hoopla Events. She held an “End of the Summer” celebration and invited friends over to their lemonade stand. Although I don’t have pictures just yet, the Lemonade Stand Collection includes all the coordinating items. You can find the invitation in the shop HERE!
Earlier this summer, we held our first lemonade stand with cousins while at the beach. It was so fun to see the personalities of my little girls at work. Julia and Eliza tried to sneak sips of lemonade and nibble cookies while Anna Claire waved in the cars. She was so serious about her job and VERY sure every dollar was accounted for. She was particularly not pleased with her sisters eating the inventory! My husband and I got the biggest laughs out of their personalities at work! We used a simple cardboard stand that my sister-in-law found at Michaels. The girls colored it and really enjoyed making it their own. Seeing how much they loved it, we may hold another lemonade sale before the summer officially ends! So much fun!