Happy 2015!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and your new year is off to a great start!! Our vacation has come to an end. It’s nice to have routine again, yet I sooo enjoyed the break. We had sweet time with family, special dates with each of the girls, and lots and lots of playing time at home. It’s so great to be without a schedule for a while! The day after Christmas, I went on a SERIOUS clean out spree and spent the next week in full organization mode. Does anyone else get this way before the new year? It is so refreshing to me!! I found these New Year’s babies in one of my drawers as I was cleaning out. (Photo albums are still desperately on my to-do list) How are they 6 and in school?? Our babies are growing up! Going into four years with Sweet Peach, I’ve gotten to see many of your sweet babies growing up too! Mamas, rock them while you can, whisper secrets in their ear, take them on dates, pray with them and pray for them! And you can never take too many videos! When posts are fewer or it’s quiet on social media, you know what I’m doing! The days can move slowly, but the years fly! Wishing you a happy, happy new year of treasuring your littles and celebrating their special days! Happy 2015!