{FREEBIE} Morning Checklist Printable

MOMS!!! This will change your mornings!!! I spotted this awesome checklist by Kori Clark and it has helped my girls GREATLY!! We are on week four of school and still getting our morning routine down pat. The girls now attend our church’s private Christian school, which we just love, but our mornings are very early and extremely time sensitive. In the world of Atlanta, you live by traffic patterns. It takes anywhere from 25-50 minutes to get to school so it very important that our mornings run smoothly and we get out the door on time. This checklist is so wonderful!! I created one for the girls that was just a bit more specific to their needs. I slipped it into a clear page protector and put it on a clip board. They carry it around the house with a dry erase marker and we reuse it each morning.

Between the two of them, I felt like I was asking 9 million questions every morning. “Have you brushed your teeth yet? Have you gone potty?” You know the drill! The girls were getting frustrated with my “nagging” so this has been a perfect cure for us. The girls LOVE it and think it’s really fun!! It’s a win-win for all involved, especially their momma who does not love early mornings or 5:45 alarms. {Whew, still working on this one!} You can grab your free download from Kori Clark or cruise Pinterest. I had no idea these were all over the place. I hope back to school is a smooth transition for you and your kiddos! Happy September!

Photo by Kori Clark