{Christmas Shopping} Stacy Brown Designs

It used to make me crazy when stores would put out Christmas decorations and start the music in October…. or if you are Hobby Lobby, July!!! I well understand all the crafters have to prepare very early for holiday business. I start thinking about Christmas card designs in September and October myself. Now with children, my time is soooo much more limited that I have started shopping early as well. Instead of losing Halloween and Thanksgiving by thinking ahead, I feel like I completely gain it. I have only succeeded one year, but let me tell you, it was the most wonderful feeling!!! I set the goal of being completely finished with Christmas shopping by December 1st. {With exception to our tradition of taking the girls shopping for each other}. I was able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas- the birth of Jesus!! – and enjoy the season fully with our family. Now, all of this is coming from a girl who has been shopping on Christmas Eve and wrapping presents at midnight waaay too many times to count. It’s a serious challenge for me to work that far ahead, but I’m getting better and have three little ladies that provide great motivation!! Anna Claire and I had a big shopping day a few weeks ago and had the best time together!! If I had all three with me, it wouldn’t have been enjoyable at hour six…. or hour two for that matter. Yes, we shopped for 6 hours and loved every minute of it. Just being together, one-on-one made it so fun! Special snacks, getting to hold my hand non-stop and all the little talks that come with being on a date. We found some sweet gifts and I wanted to share one that I just love. Are you familiar with Stacy Brown Designs? She makes the most adorable hand painted personalized bracelets. I’ve bought them for others and they are super cute! One day, I will actually buy one for myself too! She has sooo many designs, color combos, patterns and styles. Stacy Brown also sells monogrammed purses, frames and so much more! To see all the possibilities, be sure to check out her beautiful shop! I hope you can find some special gifts for your loved ones this year. Join me in shopping early (this post is my accountability!!). Let’s take away the stress of Christmas and put the meaning back in it!