Did you know that professional printing services are an available option for invites and 5×7 stationery? You can find printing prices and all details under the “Services” tab. Every once in a while, I’m able to take orders for décor printing as well. These Sweet Peach goodies are on their way to a Little Miss in California. Happy Birthday, Milena!!

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I’m so glad y’all love silly things like plastic containers as much as I do!  I had so many requests last summer that I decided to start carrying them.  I thought I may be using these containers for life with the bulk order I placed.  Instead, they have really become a favorite for you too!  YAY!!  I was thrilled when it was time to re-order!  I know we are talking about disposable plastic here, but they are pretty great.  Sturdy, a perfect size and way cute with a circle sticker!

Lots of questions have been asked about the containers and circle stickers so I hope this Tuesday Tip is helpful…

Do the containers come in multiple sizes?
At this time, I only carry one size.  It is a 5 ounce container and the perfect fit for a party snack or favor.

What kind of label do I purchase for the stickers?
There is not a particular Avery label needed. You will simply print on 8.5 x 11 sticker paper and then cut the individual stickers. I prefer gloss stickers!

How do you cut the stickers?
You can always hand cut the circle stickers. I have done so myself. If you have lots to cut, a 3 inch circle punch makes your job much easier. This is the circle punch that I use and it works wonderfully.
Can you print on card stock instead of sticker paper?
Absolutely! You can print any file on any paper you choose. I have printed on card stock as well. I followed the same steps and simply glued them to the containers instead. It still works perfectly!

I’m still confused. How do I print these again? {Yes, I hear this often!! I promise it’s simple!}
1. Your file will arrive to your email with (6) 3 inch circle stickers on an 8.5 x 11 page. You can print as many copies as you would like. There is no limit.
2. Choose to print your file at home on 8.5 x 11 sticker paper or forward the file to your local printer. {Sometimes it is easier and more economical to send out the file. If you only need a few copies, most printers charge approximately $1 per sticker page. That can be a cheaper option than buying a full package of sticker paper. Another option is to print on card stock and use glue.}
3. Your stickers will print on 8.5 x 11 sheets and need to be cut.
4. Cut the individual circles by hand or use a 3 inch circle craft punch.
5. Peel off the sticker backing and attach to your plastic container.
6. Voila! Add your party snack or favor!

How do I order?
You can purchase the plastic containers through the etsy shop or email sweetpeachpaperie@gmail.com for your invoice. The printable sticker files are also available in the shop.

How many containers come in a pack?

The plastic containers come in sets of 12. Feel free to request a larger quantity if more are needed.


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Of all printables, I seem to get the most questions about water bottle wraps. For today’s Tuesday Tip, I hope to answer all those questions. They are truly super simple to create!!

What kind of water bottles should I buy?
I find Aquafina water bottles or Kroger brand bottles (12 pack) to work the best. The wraps will fit on any standard water bottle, but the particular shape of these brands make the wrap completely smooth to the bottle. For some reason, the bottles change shape from a Kroger 12 pack to a 24 pack so be sure to grab the 12 pack if you purchase the Kroger brand. Those pictured above are the Aquafina water bottles. The SPP wraps are nearly identical to the size of the Aquafina wraps so they work perfectly!

What kind of paper do you use to print your wraps?
I print all my wraps on glossy copy paper and then trim to size. Your local printing company and most office copy centers (Staples, Office Max, etc.) offer a glossy paper option if you choose to print professionally.

Do your wraps fit a particular Avery label?
No, the wraps do not require an Avery label, simply 8.5 x 11 paper.

Is it better to print the wraps on copy paper or sticker paper?
Either option works, but I find it easier to work with paper compared to sticker sheets.

How do you keep your water bottles cold?
After attaching the wraps, chill the water bottles in the fridge overnight. Just before the party, lay them out. If I need to keep extras on ice, I do not submerge the whole bottle. Simply push the base of the bottle into the ice. The paper wraps are not waterproof.

How do you assemble the wraps?
1. Print your wraps on 8.5 x 11 sheets.
2. Trim the wraps to size. A cutting board makes this job easiest!!
3. Remove the Aquafina or Kroger wrap from your bottle.
4. Replace with your new SPP wrap!
5. Use a bit of glue to adhere the wrap and seal with a piece of clear tape if needed.
6. Voila!!

If you have further questions, I’m happy to help! I promise, they are super easy!!

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I have so many planning tips and FAQs that I would love to share with you. I may just see if I can get a schedule going and share some of those ideas on a regular basis. One question I am asked often is where to buy the milk glass bottles. Little secret…mine are actually recycled Starbucks Frappuccino bottles. They work perfectly!!

A Mocha Frappuccino is definitely a favorite of mine! Enjoy and save the bottle! It is the perfect height to hold a striped straw and the Sweet Peach water bottle wraps fit exactly. You can get 4 bottles for $5. It just takes a bit more prep. Drink away and then remove the wrapper. There will be a bit of gooey residue left behind. I used Goo Gone and it works instantly. Run your bottle through the dishwasher and you are ready to use! The only difference in your bottle will be the code stamped on the glass. I turn it to the back and you never notice. It’s also nice to have an option that doesn’t require shipping. If that idea doesn’t work for you and you want brand new, check out Smash Cake & Co..

My Starbucks bottles have been put to use many times, including Eliza’s Watermelon Picnic. For more details on her summer party, check out the full post. Happy Tuesday!

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It has been quite the spring of Preppy Nautical birthdays, showers and weddings.  WOW, thank you for all your orders!  It brings me such delight for others to enjoy this collection as much as we did for our sweet Eliza!  I have received lots and lots of questions specific to this party theme so I thought it would be helpful to compile those FAQs.  If I have not answered your question, please send me an email through the contact box and I would be happy to help!

How did you create the stripe backdrop for your dessert table?
The backdrop is a piece of dry wall (borrowed from my Dad’s workshop) covered in fabric. The pink stripe fabric was purchased online through Fabric.com. Find the exact fabric HERE and grab a coupon HERE.

Do you offer the Preppy Nautical Collection in other colors?
Absolutely! The full collection is available in the original pink/navy, bright pink/navy, red/navy, light blue/navy, Kelly green/navy, yellow/navy and orange/navy. Those color options are now offered as choices in the drop down menus with each Preppy Nautical listing. If you have a custom color request, please let me know. An additional fee will apply.

Where can I buy the plastic “Catch of the Day” containers?
I was asked this question so many times that I am now carrying the plastic containers in the shop! YAY! You can purchase in the listed quantities or request a custom order. Find the containers in the shop HERE!

Do you offer a package with everything included?
Yes! The FULL Preppy Nautical Collection includes the invite (classic or photo) along with every file pictured. The FULL Collection is a total of 16 files. If you need just the basics, a MINI party package is also available with the invite and a total of 8 files.

Where did you buy the mini parfait containers?
The mini parfait containers that we used are actually plastic and can be purchased at Party City for $4.99! I have also seen mini glass parfaits at Pier 1 and Walmart.

Will you print and ship the full collection?
At this time, I am only taking printed orders for invitations. I have been able to make a few exceptions when time has allowed, but overall, my schedule is very full. Always feel free to ask!

Can I purchase the small wooden sailboats?
Yes, my dad is the one who builds the boats. They are $8 each. The kit includes a coordinating fabric sail and all parts for assembly. Once they arrive, it takes about 10 minutes for a toddler to assemble with a bit of adult supervision. To place an order, please request a PayPal invoice. The kids loved the boats we built at our Preppy Nautical party!

Can the wording of the collection be revised?
Sure! The Preppy Nautical collection has been used for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, club events and fundraisers so wording can be revised accordingly.

Is it possible to add wording to the flag banner?
Yes, I do have the flag banner available with “Happy Birthday” and “I am 1″. Additional choices are possible for a custom fee.

Where did you purchase the navy envelopes?
The navy envelopes pictured are from Paper-Source.com. The A9 envelope shown is needed for the 5×8.5 invitation style. If you prefer the standard 5×7 invitation, you would need an A7 envelope.

Can I substitute one of the items in the Preppy Nautical MINI package?
If it is an even exchange, absolutely!

Where did you purchase the favor bags and what was inside?
The pink striped favor bags came from Shop Sweet Lulu. As the favor, I created personalized stationery. We gave navy notes to the boys and pink notes to the girls. The children also took home the sailboat they built at the party.

Where did you purchase your cake stand and white dishes?
I LOVE this cake stand and it is such a bargain! You can buy the exact stand as well as the smaller matching stand at Pier1 Imports! Pier1 is also where I have purchased many of my white serving plates. HomeGoods and TJ Maxx are also great spots to find them.

I hope these answers will help you create a very special Preppy Nautical party! For the full blog post on Eliza’s 1st Birthday and more party details, click HERE!

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