Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebrating such a glorious day! He is risen and there is hope! Sending Easter smiles from my 3 little bunnies!

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Happy 2015!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and your new year is off to a great start!! Our vacation has come to an end. It’s nice to have routine again, yet I sooo enjoyed the break. We had sweet time with family, special dates with each of the girls, and lots and lots of playing time at home. It’s so great to be without a schedule for a while! The day after Christmas, I went on a SERIOUS clean out spree and spent the next week in full organization mode. Does anyone else get this way before the new year? It is so refreshing to me!! I found these New Year’s babies in one of my drawers as I was cleaning out. (Photo albums are still desperately on my to-do list) How are they 6 and in school?? Our babies are growing up! Going into four years with Sweet Peach, I’ve gotten to see many of your sweet babies growing up too! Mamas, rock them while you can, whisper secrets in their ear, take them on dates, pray with them and pray for them! And you can never take too many videos! When posts are fewer or it’s quiet on social media, you know what I’m doing! The days can move slowly, but the years fly! Wishing you a happy, happy new year of treasuring your littles and celebrating their special days! Happy 2015!

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Thank you for a wonderful holiday season and 2014! I started my etsy shop in April of 2011 when Eliza was born. It is so hard to believe 3.5 years has come and gone. Thank you for all your support this year! I’m looking forward to what is in store for Sweet Peach in 2015. Wishing you the merriest Christmas from our family to yours! I’ll be taking a blogging break until the new year. Enjoy your time with your family and I’ll see you in 2015! Merry Christmas!!

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Like so many little girls, Eliza loves dress up, playing mommy and tea parties. She is almost always in someone else’s shoes… usually her sisters’ tap shoes or my high heels. It started early and funny enough, “shoes” was actually her first word after “momma” and “dadda”. This year, pulling off a big party just wasn’t feasible, but fortunately, the only thing Eliza requested was a tea party with her best girlfriend, Blayke. Absolutely, I can do that! I sought the help of the talented Casey at Sugar Studios. She created the adorable silhouette and I just LOVE how it came out!

Eliza and Blayke are only one day apart, born in the same hospital and our rooms were just down the hall from each other! Her mom and I are dear friends and our daughters have shared such a special relationship, literally from the very start. Look at the most precious photos captured by Kim Craig Ali Photography. These two just adore each other!

The white dresses were hand-me-downs from my Anna Claire and Julia and I asked Blayke’s mommy to send along her pearls and heels. The girls were sooo eager to get dressed up. It’s easy to forget sometimes that the most simple things can be so exciting to little ones! I wish I had a picture of Eliza’s face when she saw her room. She was so excited! The night before the party, Eliza got to sleep in our bed and I transformed her room after she went to sleep. Timing was perfect as we were sadly taking down her crib, putting away the glider and making way for her big girl bed. We used our Carolina play table and chairs from Pottery Barn Kids. I pulled in Anna Claire’s nightstand for our cake table and we used Eliza’s dresser as our “serving station”. Our Harper Rug is also from PBK. It was a very simple setup, but the girls felt sooo fancy!

The Little Miss Collection includes the following: invite, pennant banner, water bottle wraps, place cards, favor tags, cupcake toppers, welcome sign, flat note, stickers and straw flags. No matter how small the party, I can’t help but still love all the details! My husband just laughs at how excited I get, but it is so fun! Enjoy it while we can, right?

The beautiful cake was made by local baker, Kate Petronis. Kate shares my love for parties and has designed some incredible cakes!! You can see lots more of her work and party ideas on her blog at And Everything Sweet. I found the inspiration for this cake in a random google search and sadly, I do not know where. To the creative mind behind the original cake, thank you for sharing your talent! I hope our take is a compliment to you! I apologize for not being able to give correct credit where credit is due. Kate did an awesome job and of course, it was sooo delicious! The whole “too pretty to eat” does not stand true in our house! We had a family party that night and dug in!

After we dressed up, the girls were ready for their “tea cake”. On birthdays, I let them completely spoil their meals so we ate cupcakes first. You can see Eliza was not keen on sharing. She took her time, yet the rest were ready to nibble hers as seconds! That face!
I only set the table for Eliza and Blayke, but the big sisters really wanted to be part of the fun. We decided Anna Claire and Julia could be the waitresses and they just LOVED that idea!! I set up Eliza’s dresser as a serving station with drink pitchers, napkins, snacks and their boxed lunch. The white gable boxes came from Smash Cake & Co. I dressed it up with the silhouette sticker and polka dot ribbon from JoAnn. The snack containers were filled with yogurt and can be found in the Sweet Peach shop. The pink striped napkins came from the Target party aisle and matched perfectly.

For the favor, I bought these white boxes at Michaels and filled them with some girlie fun…. pink nail polish, pink lip gloss that looked like lipstick (they loved that), and some play jewelry.

After lunch, the girls just played… squealed, scooted around in heels, laughed and played! It was a simple celebration, but so sweet! I’m sooo thankful I had Kim Craig Ali Photography come over. She captured some of the most precious pictures that I will absolutely treasure! My little Minnie Pearl…

I wish this picture was a video! I would love to remember what they were laughing about! Something extremely silly, I’m sure, but they do have the cutest giggles together!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our dear friend, Blayke! {We sang to both of them!} You have such a sweet, tender heart, Blayke!! We are so thankful for you and your precious friendship!

And Happy 3rd Birthday to my my most precious, Eliza! You absolutely brighten our family! Your spunky personality, contagious giggle and 3 going on 13 conversations bring us so much laughter! I am so blessed to be your momma!

All printable supplies for the Little Miss Collection are available in the SHOP. If you are desiring professionally printed invites, please see pricing and info HERE.

Party Printables & Plastic Containers: Sweet Peach Paperie
Photos: Kim Craig Ali Photography
Silhouette: Sugar Studios
Cake: And Everything Sweet
Gable Boxes: Smash Cake & Co.
Striped Straws & Favor Boxes: Michaels
Table, Chairs & Rug: Pottery Barn Kids
Napkins: Target
Polka Dot Ribbon: JoAnn
Black Stitched Ribbon: Hobby Lobby
Table Runner Fabric: Hancock Fabrics
White Dresses: Bailey Boys
Bow Top & Bloomer Set: Posh Pickle

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MOMS!!! This will change your mornings!!! I spotted this awesome checklist by Kori Clark and it has helped my girls GREATLY!! We are on week four of school and still getting our morning routine down pat. The girls now attend our church’s private Christian school, which we just love, but our mornings are very early and extremely time sensitive. In the world of Atlanta, you live by traffic patterns. It takes anywhere from 25-50 minutes to get to school so it very important that our mornings run smoothly and we get out the door on time. This checklist is so wonderful!! I created one for the girls that was just a bit more specific to their needs. I slipped it into a clear page protector and put it on a clip board. They carry it around the house with a dry erase marker and we reuse it each morning.

Between the two of them, I felt like I was asking 9 million questions every morning. “Have you brushed your teeth yet? Have you gone potty?” You know the drill! The girls were getting frustrated with my “nagging” so this has been a perfect cure for us. The girls LOVE it and think it’s really fun!! It’s a win-win for all involved, especially their momma who does not love early mornings or 5:45 alarms. {Whew, still working on this one!} You can grab your free download from Kori Clark or cruise Pinterest. I had no idea these were all over the place. I hope back to school is a smooth transition for you and your kiddos! Happy September!

Photo by Kori Clark

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Spring Break!

Happy Wednesday!  It’s been a little quiet around here as I have been sloooowly getting back into the routine.  Last week was Spring Break and so nice!  High 70s, break out the flip flops, no schedule, wonderful!  The highlight was spending the weekend with my dear college roommates.  I’m so proud that I have to publicly brag on them!  We’ve been out of school for 12 years and live across the country, but have continued to get together once a year.  With 9 babies and more to come, we’ve yet to miss a trip!  When you have dear friendships, do what it takes to hold on tight!!

 We have about 9 billion pictures of the 4 of us, but this will forever be a favorite!  I love you, girls!


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I’m excited to finally share with you Anna Claire and Julia’s “Mermaids & Mommies” party! It was such a sweet day with dear friends. We decided to leave the dads, boys and babies at home for an all girl celebration. I don’t think makeovers, tutus and dancing would have been top on their list!

As the girls arrived, we welcomed them with mermaid makeovers. The mommies helped the mermaids change into their matching tanks and tutus. They also had the opportunity to put on a little makeup and paint their nails, which the girls loved. They were then ready to dance! Our sweet baby-sitter choreographed an adorable dance to “Under the Sea” to teach the girls. While the mermaids danced, the mommies and grandmommies enjoyed their dinner. I quickly decided that I LOVE smaller parties! We could enjoy each other’s company and actually relax. It was just as much fun for the moms and it was for the mermaids!

Our dessert table was simple, but perfect for our smaller group of mermaids and mommies. The beautiful cookies were designed by Kristie of Peapods. She also designed the cookies for Eliza’s Watermelon Picnic. I love how she takes our theme and designs something so perfect each time! Her package is always a fun surprise to open! The striped straws, gable boxes and wooden utensils came from Smash Cake & Co. What an adorable shop for all your party supplies! I used the larger white boxes for the “Mommy” lunches and the white lunch bags for the “Mermaids”. The eyelet scallop was created by using Martha Stewart’s edger punch and the plastic snack containers have become a staple for our parties. I just love using them! They can be purchased in the shop and coordinating stickers are available for many of the collections.

The shell art used on the invitation and throughout the collection was hand drawn by the talented Kori Clark. I wanted something very simple and delicate so her art worked perfectly. Anna Claire and Julia’s sweet necklaces were custom made by Lil Mar & Co. They were a really fun addition to their mermaid makeover and the girls LOVED them! Kim Craig Ali Photography was also back to take the wonderful photos. Thank you, Kim, for all your hard work and time!! I’m so thankful for the precious photos you captured!

The beautiful table and chairs came from Events Rental Unlimited. I worked with Laurie in the Atlanta office and she was so accommodating! It was one of those weekends with scattered summer storms one minute and sunshine the next. We took a risk, had a huge storm and the sun peeked out just before the party. Praise!! Check out those clouds lingering in the sky! Laurie was wonderful about giving us the extra time we needed with the unpredictable weather.

The girls had so much fun dancing and dining! For their favor, we sent them home in their tutu along with a sweet treat for the dads. Each favor bag held an adorable Sweet Goosie Girl cookie. We wanted to say thank you to the fathers for taking care of the family while we had a fun girlie evening. Thank you, Terri, for always creating such yummy and beautiful treats! The striped favor bags were also from Smash Cake & Co. along with the giant pink balloons.

Happy Birthday to my favorite 5 year olds! I love you, Anna Claire! I love you, Julia! I’m so thankful that I was chosen to be the momma of these two! What an incredible friendship they share and blessing it is to watch them grow!

A huge thank you goes to all the wonderful vendors who contributed their time and supplies:
Invitations & Party Printables: Sweet Peach Paperie
Photography: Kim Craig Ali Photography
Party Supplies: Smash Cake & Co.
Cookies: Peapods
Favor Cookies: Sweet Goosie Girl
Necklaces: Lil Mar & Co.
Cake & Cupcakes: Publix
Table & Chairs: Event Rentals Unlimited

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If you have watched national news, Jay Leno or followed SPP on Facebook, you know it has been a wild couple days in Atlanta! Tuesday afternoon brought a couple inches of snow and our city was not prepared. As the flurries started, schools dismissed early, parents left work and the entire city hit the unsalted, snowy streets at the same time. As you can imagine, ice and EXTREME traffic do not pair well together! Thousands of children slept at school, students were stranded on buses and the interstates were completely full for hours and hours and HOURS! My sweet hubbie left work at 5pm and made it home at 1am. His 20 minute commute took 8 hours! We learned of others being stranded for 12, 18, even 24 hours! Pretty crazy! Once safe and sound, we took full advantage of our rare snow day and had lots of fun!

I hoped to bring a little a warmth to the blog this week with the girls’ mermaid party, but snow days have changed those plans. Please check in next week as I share some of the photos and all the details from their sweet day!!

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I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas! It was such a fun day at our house! We stayed in our pajamas all day long and played, played, played! It is the only day of the entire year where I feel like the world actually stops for just a few hours. I LOVE it!!

This year, I designed coordinating envelopes. I loved the classic look as well as one less step when addressing. I will definitely be adding coordinating envelopes to collections to come!

If you love coordinating Christmas PJs as much as I do, be sure to visit Castles & Crowns. They have a great sale going on right now. I may just need to stock up for next year! Our pajamas were my first purchase from Castles & Crowns and I was so pleased!! The girls really loved them too!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!!

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Last year, we created our first “Thankful Tree” and the girls just loved it! We gathered branches and pine cones from our backyard to start. Next, we cut out leaves from colored construction paper using a leaf template. There are many free patterns you can find with a quick google or pinterest search. We chose to use this one for a variety of leaf shapes. Every night at dinner, each of us would add our thankful leaf to the tree. It became our table centerpiece and looked so pretty by the end of the month! It would also be a fun way to share baby advice at a fall baby shower. Yesterday, we gathered our branches and are ready to start again. Join me in counting your many blessings and please know how thankful I am for YOU! Happy November!

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