> This weekend, I was very excited to help with the party decor for my sweet friend Holley’s Baby Sprinkle. I just love the “old fashion” feel of the Red Wagon collection. I also admit that I love licorice and popcorn, which just so happened to be the only two food items that not a single guest touched… except ME!! It was quite a shame when I had to bring home all the candy leftovers! It’s just a good thing that my pregnancy glucose test is tomorrow, not yesterday. I had a few too many Red Vines while taking all these fun pictures. So enough of my silly cravings, check out the latest collection from The Sweet Peach Paperie!
I bought the mason jars for the girls’ garden party and have used them several times since. They are a great item to have for parties!! I bought the jars at Walmart, but have also seen them at Kroger… $6 for a case of 12 glasses. Add some ribbon and a paper straw and they made the cutest addition to the “old fashion” theme. The paper straws were purchased from a little store in Maine called Rock Paper Scissors. I read about their shop through a great blog I just found called Peach and Pearl. She sounds like my kind of girl with a blog name like that! ;) So I called Rock Paper Scissors on the phone and had my straws ordered within 5 minutes. Love those!! Thank you Peach and Pearl for sharing how to find them at such a great price! The red wagon balloons can be found at partypail.com as well as many other online party shops. I also loved that the hostess of the shower had a red wagon and thought to use it for the gifts. So cute! If you are hosting an outdoor shower or party, wagons are also great filled with ice and holding your drinks. Some old fashion red soda pops would be adorable!!

If you have some fun ideas for the Red Wagon Collection, please share!!!

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>A few weekends ago, I was honored to help host a baby shower for one of my BFFs, Mandy. Mandy and I met in graduate school, moved to Atlanta together, lived together, taught 3rd grade at the same school together and got married 3 weeks apart. The only thing left was to have babies together. So here we are…Mandy is expecting her first little girl in January and I will be expecting again in April! Check, check, we are pretty good at this! :)

Here is the collection I put together for her special day. My favorite decorating detail was the classic carriage that I borrowed from my mom. It was her stroller as a baby and was the perfect welcome scene for this classic carriage shower…

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>With lots of inspiration from the girls’ lollipop party, I put together a cupcake sweet shoppe for Molly’s 1st birthday! Molly’s momma had already found her adorable tank top and bib from MakMay Designs so I designed her invites and party decor to go along with her cupcake party outfit. I just love all the bright colors and the bazillion ideas that come along with any kind of sweet shoppe theme! Of all the details, the toothbrush favor was my favorite! I thought that was the perfect addition to the candy buffet! :)

Sweet Shoppe Collection…

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>We had the sweetest time celebrating the girls’ 2nd birthday, even though I have been delayed in posting pictures of their special day!! It was perfect weather, surrounded by dear friends and family, and simply a great morning of celebrating our little girls. We were also blessed with my dear friend Holly who photographed all the fun! You can see more of her work at hollykittlephoto.blogspot.com! So here it is, Anna Claire and Julia’s Garden Party… I cleaned up some old pots, a coat of spray paint, added some gingham ribbon and they became the perfect display for our “rakes and shovels!”
For the main centerpiece, I bought a pink watering can from HomeGoods and filled it with flowers from Michaels. The metal laterns also came from Michaels. The great thing about a garden party at the end of the summer is all the clearance garden prices!!

The bee and flower fondant toppers came from BB Cakes. You can see more of Becky’s great cake designs at b-bcakes.blogspot.com! The gingham cupcake liners came from Michaels and were just the perfect colors so I couldn’t resist!
The girls’ adorable party dresses and headbands were custom made by my sweet friend Ashley with Festive Frills. She is opening a new etsy shop soon so be sure to check out chickadeechickadee.etsy.com for a great collection of handmade clothing and hair accessories!
I bought the pink paper pots from Walmart and filled them with granola, pretzel sticks and a gummy worm to make the perfect “Garden Grub.” This particular banner was compliments of my crafty aunt and her awesome circuit machine. My banners available for purchase will be on display in the garden party collection.
My mom made this great “Dirt Cake” with oreo cookie crumbs creating the dirt surface. A garden shovel was used for serving the cake! :)
The party favors for the girls were small watering cans that came from Target’s summer pool collection. The boy favors were rakes that I found at the Dollar Tree!

My favorite party girls…
Happy Birthday to my sweet girls!! I can’t wait for more birthdays and hope you always feel extra loved on your special day! :)

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>Over the last week, I’ve had two orders for the “Fresh on the Farm” party collection and it has quickly become one of my favorites! There are just so many fun ideas to go along with this theme. With September around the corner, this would make a perfect fall birthday or baby shower! The coordinating red, green, and yellow gingham banner reads “Happy 1st Birthday” and hangs on raffia string for the perfect farm look.

A few fun ideas for a barnyard party….
Photos courtesy of Frilly Milly Events and Oatelie da Ja

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Last weekend, we celebrated with our sweet friend Michael on his 1st Birthday! With a middle of August birthday, a back to school theme was just perfect! School supplies were collected for those in need and also the perfect setting for table decorations. Brown paper bag lunches were ready for the kid meals and “Excellent Student” certificates were given as one of the favors. Michael’s mommy is a former classroom teacher so she knows all the cutest details for an ABC party!

My favorite part was the ABC scavenger hunt that she organized. Each child was given a brown paper bag to collect their additional favors. At the count of 1-2-3, the children searched for small items with the coordinating letter card attached. It was the parents’ job to tell the letter and item attached such as “P is for Pencil.” It was the perfect game for 2 and 3 year olds and the kids just loved filling their bags with goodies! :)

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Today, I started telling my girls about their upcoming birthday party and all the details of their special day! (Can’t wait to show you what I am working on for their party!!) Of all the details, the only one that seemed to stick in their little minds were cupcakes! I have to say that an almost 2 year old saying “Cup-cakes” is about the cutest thing!! Now, when you ask the girls how old they are going to be it goes something like this… “I two… and cupcakes!”
Here are a few sweet cupcake toppers from a recent order for Baby Howard. They coordinate with the Classic Crib Collection.

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Stella sweetly celebrated her 2nd birthday last month with a lollipop themed party! Her momma ordered some coordinating cupcake toppers and the center for the lollipop invite. With a circle cutter and glue, you can easily assemble a lollipop invite yourself so I simply made the center and Stella’s crafty momma did all the rest! I understand that thinking very well! When I saw the same lollipop idea on another crafty blog last year, I said the same thing… “I can make that!” And that is exactly what got me here a year later! If you’d like to throw a lollipop party and just need a little jump start, I can help! :)

The girls’ monogrammed lollipop dresses came from uniquelymonogrammed.com. Really cute and custom made for their lollipop party! Photos of Stella’s Lollipop Party are compliments of Tara Martindale (taramartindale@yahoo.com). Thanks Tara for the great shots! :)

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